About Us

The days of the “Mom & Pop” speed shops are disappearing! The performance industry has changed over the years, in some ways for the better, and in some, not.  The large online stores have prevented local companies from being able to stock products at competitive prices, and be a full service speed shop to the local racers.

There are more manufacturers, more products, and more choices. What should I use, will it really change the performance, how do I know that the salesperson on the other end of the phone really knows what they are talking about? What if I can’t install it by myself? We have the answers to those questions.

We have formed a company that offers the best of old school and new school. We are competitive in price, locally and online! RSC Performance Group Inc. is offering a local speed shop in Wilmington, NC, Radical Street Cars, that performs complete, ground up Performance Builds and Performance Upgrades, Performance Engine swaps, Back Halves & Suspension Packages, Superchargers & Turbos for your vehicle. We specialize in Electronic Fuel Injection & “Stand Alone” Systems, and we Install them! We also stock performance products at online prices, in our store! What we might not have on the shelf, you can pick up the next business day WITHOUT any overnight charges. We have 3 Online stores, broken out into specific categories, Domestic Performance, ImportPerformance and Truck & Jeep products, and we sell at the same price, online & in our local store, as the main competitors.

We are “Racers, serving Racers” and we know what works, because we have been doing this a long time! Stop by and visit us, or give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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2017 Corporate Dr.

Unit 7

Wilmington, NC  28405

(910) 833-7565